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Strategic Priorities

Healthcare Foundation of La Porte (HFL) makes grants to support our strategic priorities of Healthy Children, Healthy Living, and Healthy Minds. These priorities were selected through a strategic planning process that identified the community needs that most affect the health and wellness of La Porte County residents.

For each strategic priority, HFL has a defined result we seek and set of indicators. A result is the condition of well-being we seek in the community. Indicators are community-level data that provide critical information to suggest whether the projects, programs, and policies that partners are implementing are improving the condition of well-being in the community. Indicators are used to measure progress toward the result we seek, and indicators help us all to see where we are making progress and where we need to redouble our efforts. 


The health of La Porte’s children is one of HFL’s greatest priorities. Children’s health is inseparable from HFL’s mission of empowering La Porte County residents to live healthy and well given the lifelong benefits of good childhood health, for both individuals and communities.  

Result: Children in La Porte County are healthy, well, and safe. 

Indicators: Indicators to measure Healthy Children include the best available individual-level measures of general health of children, as well as community- and systems-level measures that can improve children’s health. 

Healthy Children
Healthy Living


Obesity and weight-related chronic disease are severe obstacles to a person’s ability to live a long and fulfilling life. The many negative consequences of unhealthy weight, poor diet, and physical inactivity can lead to serious health risks, greater medical costs, and a lower quality of life. 

Reducing the negative effects of poor physical health and its impact on our community is a key component of HFL’s mission of empowering La Porte County residents to live healthy and well. For this reason, HFL has identified Healthy Living as a strategic priority, and we are committed to helping La Porte County residents improve their physical health.  


Result: La Porte County residents are healthy and well, can access nutritious foods, and enjoy active living. 


Indicators: Indicators to measure Health Living include the best available individual-level measures of nutrition, physical activity, and obesity and related chronic diseases, as well as community-level measures of infrastructure that can increase access to, and uptake of, healthy behaviors. 



Mental health is a vital component of a person’s well-being and is connected to physical health. Mental health affects how we feel, think, and behave. Positive mental health allows people to handle stress, take care of their physical health, work productively, contribute to their communities, and realize their full potential. 

The importance of mental health for a person’s overall health and well-being, and the negative effects of untreated mental illness, substance misuse, and tobacco use on individuals, families, and our community, has led HFL to identify Healthy Minds as a strategic priority. By supporting programs that focus on the prevention and treatment of mental health disorders, we can empower residents to live healthy and well in La Porte County.  

Result: La Porte County residents experience positive mental health and can access support and treatment for mental health conditions, including substance use disorder. 

Indicators: Indicators used to measure Healthy Minds include the best available individual-level measures of mental health among adults, as well as community- and systems-level measures of infrastructure and resources to address mental health. 

Healthy Minds


Healthy La Porte grants meet community health and wellness needs that fall outside of HFL’s strategic priorities of of Healthy Children,

Healthy Living,  and Healthy Minds and demonstrate a connection to HFL’s mission and vision. HFL accepts Healthy La Porte grant requests of $25,000 and under. 


Our goals for Healthy La Porte grants are: 

  • Expand successful, existing programs that improve the health and wellness of La Porte County residents 

  • Test new, promising initiatives to meet health and wellness needs identified in La Porte County 

  • Collaborate to better meet health and wellness needs identified in La Porte County 

Healthy La Porte
Healthy Partners


Many community organizations are eager to strengthen the skills and training of their leadership and staff. HFL has identified capacity building as a funding priority to help organizations develop and strengthen the skills, abilities, and resources that are needed to make even more impactful change in our community. HFL provides Healthy Partners grants by invitation only. 


Our goals for Healthy Partners grants are: 

  • Increase the impact of nonprofit organizations in La Porte County 

  • Strengthen and grow the knowledge, infrastructure, management, and governance of nonprofit organizations in La Porte County 

Nonprofit Leadership Academy

HFL partners with Indiana University Executive Education at the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs to bring best-in-class leadership training for nonprofit organizations to La Porte County. Participants fulfilling all requirements receive a certificate from Indiana University.

The program includes six practical training modules. The 2018 and 2019 Academy graduates participated in Nonprofit Management in the 21st Century, Strategic and Operational Planning, Financial Management, Marketing and Communication, Planning for Fundraising Success, and Results-Based Accountability™. Courses are taught by seasoned practitioners.

The 2023-24 Academy is underway, with the addition of Project Evaluation as a training module. This third cohort will graduate in February 2024.

2019 Graduates:

Christopher Taelman – Hospice Foundation
Jim Musial – Citizens Concerned for the Homeless
Gabrielle Ginther – Dunebrook
Edward Seal – Home Team La Porte County
Shannon Walker – La Porte County YMCA
Cheryl Dauer – La Porte County Meals on Wheels
Jeremy Sobecki – La Porte County Park Foundation
Monica Komasinki – Leadership La Porte County
Ashley Robbins – New Prairie Education Foundation
Erin Mooneyhan – Paladin, Inc.
Dorota Janik – Reins of Life
Ephphatha Malden – Swanson Center
Debbie Sellers – The Social and Learning Institute
Maria Galka – Visiting Nurse Association of NWI
Brandi Lewis – Boys and Girls Club of Michigan City
Karen Biernacki – Family Advocates
Connor Podkul – Friendship Botanic Gardens
Mario Rosa – La Porte Community Schools

2018 Class Graduates:

Lisa Smithson – Arts in the Park
Jeanne Ann Cannon – Dunebrook
Jennifer Olson – Healthy Communities of La Porte County
Amber Poff – Indiana Guardianship Services
Nanda Danitschek – La Porte County Symphony Orchestra
Janet Bloch – Lubeznik Center for the Arts
Michelle Shirk – Lubeznik Center for the Arts
Diane Wilczewski – Meals on Wheels
Casaundra “Kay” Hill – Stepping Stone Shelter for Women
Larry Smith – The Intrepid Phoenix
Nathan Loucks – The Pax Center
Kris Pate – United Way of La Porte County
Debra S. Varnak – Unity Foundation of La Porte County
Steven Bernth – Youth Service Bureau
Sandy Cogswell - Anam Cara Stables

HFL Nonprofit Leadership Academy Graduates from 2019

Nonprofit Leadership Academy Graduates, 2019


HFL accepts grant requests for our When Seconds Count: AED Initiative once per year beginning on February 14.

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