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Each year, Health Foundation of La Porte provides grants for AEDs (automated external defibrillators). These annual grants help ensure our community has access to these life-saving devices. HFL works to ensure our community has a safe, manageable, and efficient program to help people who are suffering a serious heart event have the best chance at survival and to help educate the community on the importance of AED maintenance and training.  

Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States. Sudden cardiac arrest is when the heart suddenly stops beating due to a problem with the heart's electrical system. Over 356,000 cardiac arrests occur outside a hospital each year in the United States.


Defibrillation from an AED is effective in helping people survive sudden cardiac arrest. AEDs save lives. 

Apply for AED Grants from HFL

Interested in applying for an AED? 


HFL accepts grant requests for our When Seconds Count: AED Initiative once per year. Grant requests are accepted beginning February 14 each year. 


To be eligible, applicants must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization or a governmental entity. Requests for AED grants are only accepted through HFL's grant portal. The FAQ/Tutorial page provides information on how to access the grant portal.

Applying for signage with your AED(s)? Click here to view signage options.

Register Your AED

To help keep the community AED registry current, register an AED using the interactive map below. Just type in the business name or address and follow the prompts.


You can also visit to register AEDs, or you can download the PulsePoint AED app to register your AED or any other AEDs you see in the community. Look for the yellow PulsePoint AED icon wherever you download apps. 

Thanks for completing the entry fully, including a photo of the AED within its context, meaning zoomed out enough that it is clear where the AED fits within its surroundings (behind the front desk, next to the staircase, etc.). Detailed, accurate information about your AED will help a nearby responder if the PulsePoint Respond app alerts them to a cardiac emergency.

Thank you for helping HFL create a community that is ready to quickly respond to cardiac emergencies!

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The PulsePoint AED app, which can be downloaded in the App Store.

View La Porte County's AED Locations

The map below displays the locations of AEDs in the community. As organizations register AEDs with PulsePoint AED, this map updates live!


Use the plus symbol in the bottom right to zoom in, and then click on any of the yellow AED tags to see additional details including street address and the AED location within the building. 

Access AED Education & Maintenance Information

Click below to access HFL-funded AED information and helpful resources. 

When Seconds Count AED Grantee Checklist

AED Batteries and Pads Information

AED Maintenance Monthly Checklist

What is PulsePoint?

PulsePoint AED -- the yellow app -- helps strengthen the chain of survival for cardiac arrest victims by making it easy for communities to build, manage, and mobilize an emergency AED registry.

Registered AEDs are accessible to emergency call takers and disclosed to those nearby during cardiac arrest events.

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PulsePoint Respond -- the red app -- is for first responders and community members trained in CPR to receive notifications when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs in their area. This app is now functional in La Porte County. Stay tuned for updates!

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