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Community Caring Connections A Free Insurance & Prescription Navigation Resource for La Porte County Residents

Updated: May 7

Community Caring Connections (CCC) is a free, offsite service of Northwest Health – La Porte that connects community members to resources like prescription assistance, transportation, housing options, legal aid, financial assistance, health coverage programs, and other healthcare needs. The recently expanded CCC program offers free services to all La Porte County residents.   


CCC is a new program that is funded in part by a grant from Health Foundation of La Porte (HFL). Prior to the program, Northwest Health – La Porte’s social workers connected Northwest Health – La Porte patients to needed resources. Now, with the support of the HFL grant, the experienced social workers DeeDee Grasser and Carolyn Eyrick can assist all La Porte County residents, not just hospital patients, free of charge through the expanded program.  


“We believe that everyone in La Porte County should have access to the resources they need for a healthy life,” said Maria Fruth, HFL President and CEO. “We were excited when Northwest Health – La Porte proposed the Community Caring Connections program through HFL’s grant application process. CCC makes the services of the hospital’s highly experienced and dedicated social workers available to all La Porte County residents who need assistance. CCC connects people to critical resources that are foundational for health.” 


“We receive referrals from the community, medical offices, agencies, etc., to help people who need connection with the resources they need to maintain good health,” stated Eyrick. “A lot of the referrals we get are from people who can’t afford their medications, so they’ve stopped taking them, or they’re having to decide between buying food or paying for medications.”  


Community Caring Connections can also help residents navigate state, federal, and drug manufacturer programs. Eyrick explained that many La Porte County residents are eligible for such programs but are either not aware of the programs or need assistance navigating the programs to receive benefits. Recently, CCC has received many calls requesting help reenrolling in Indiana Medicaid programs, including the Healthy Indiana Plan, Hoosier Healthwise, and Hoosier Care Connect.  


“Many people don’t know who to call,” said Eyrick, “and we are really glad to be that kind of a resource for people.” 


In addition to prescription assistance and health coverage navigation, CCC can connect residents with resources for nutritional supplements, transportation, housing and rental support, food access, mental health support, and more.  


“It is so rewarding that word is out in the community that we can be a resource. Any time we help people make a connection that’s going to benefit their health and their daily living is exciting and that’s what keeps us going, keeps us doing this good work,” said Eyrick.  


Residents in need of assistance can contact CCC at 219.326.2311 or 219.344.6373. CCC has a main floor office space and off-street parking located at 901 Lincolnway in La Porte. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm. 

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