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2023 Grant Cycle 1 Grants Awarded

HFL's healthy children icon is a purple circle with two children depicted in white, throwing a ball back and forth

Healthy Children $885,006

Fly High Youth Services: Fly High Youth Transportation and Back to School $5,000 (1 year)

Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana serving La Porte County: Youth Economic $2,000 (1 year)

Education Today for Economic Success Tomorrow

La Porte Community School Corporation: Support for Youth Mental Health at La Porte $547,666 (3 year)

Community Schools

MAKS CORP: LaPorte County Emergency Request/Safety Project $2,500 (1 year)

North Central Community Action Agencies: Children’s Vision Screening Program $2,000 (1 year)

North Central Community Action Agencies: Weatherization Deferral Program $15,000 (1 year)

Northwest Health – La Porte: Slicer Health Clinic $144,400 (1 year)

Northwest Health – La Porte: Lil’ FISH Club (TM) $52,440 (1 year)

St. John’s Lutheran School: Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten Play Area Relocation and Upgrade $24,000 (1 year)

The Salvation Army of La Porte: The Salvation Army Backpack Program $75,000 (1 year)

The Salvation Army of Michigan City: Weekend Backpack Feeding Program $15,000 (1 year)

HFL's healthy living icon, a green circle with a white person running inside of it

Healthy Living $2,249,985

City of La Porte: Clear Lake Greenway Loop Project – Additional Funds $2,021,823 (1 year)

Community Food Pantry of Galena, Hudson, Kankakee, Wills Townships: $3,500 (1 year)

The Community Food Pantry of Galena, Hudson, Kankakee, Wills Townships

Holy Family Parish: Sacred Heart Food Pantry Accessibility Relocation $13,750 (1 year)

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church: Macedonia Soup Kitchen and Deliver $7,500 (1 year)

Michigan City Fire Department: Michigan City Firefighter Fit to Thrive $21,275 (1 year)

New Prairie United School Corporation: Empower Hour $95,000 (1 year)

Northwest Health – La Porte: Community Caring Connections $76,800 (1 year)

Northwest Health – La Porte: Diabetic Prevention Program $3,537 (1 year)

Sacred Heart Food Pantry at St. Mary’s: Food Assistance for Families in Michigan City $6,800 (1 year)

(Feeding the Poor and Needy in Michigan City)

HFL's healthy minds icon, a golf circle with a puzzle piece inside of it

Healthy Minds $59,425

Citizens Concerned for the Homeless: Keys to Hope Community Resource Center - $40,000 (2 year)

Collective Impact Barrier Busters

Held in Hope: Held in Hope Miscarriage Kits for La Porte County $3,750 (1 year)

The MAAC Foundation: Mental Resiliency for Responders $9,000 (1 year)

Northwest Health – La Porte: Freedom from Smoking Group Program $6,675 (1 year)

HFL's healthy La Porte icon, a blue circle with a trail at the bottom; a person rides a bike toward the right and an adult holds the hand of a child walking toward the left

Healthy La Porte $124,382

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Gary: Safe Haven: Homeless Prevention For $20,000 (1 year)

Individuals and Families

City of La Porte Park and Recreation Department: Summer Nature Camp 2023 $2,660 (1 year)

City of La Porte Park and Recreation Department & Northern Indiana Mountain Bike $8,700 (1 year)

Association: Soldiers Mountain Bike Trail Improvements

Homeward Bound: Create Digital Marketing Capability with Jumpstart $13,000 (1 year)

Interfaith Community PADS: Completing Phase Two – Interior Painting $5,000 (1 year)

La Porte County Family YMCA: Fourth Grade Free Swim Lessons $10,000 (1 year)

Lubeznik Center for the Arts: Public Art to Enhance Our Community $15,000 (1 year)

Michigan City Area Schools: MSE (Multi-Sensory Environment) Special Projects $15,000 (1 year)

MOMS Club of La Porte/New Prairie, IN: Mom and Me Adventures - Technology Support $400 (1 year)

Paladin: Unreimbursed Medical Expense $7,122 (1 year)

Stepping Stone Shelter for Women: Building a Trauma Informed Environment Phase Two $25,000 (1 year)

The Singing Company of LaPorte County: The Singing Co. Of La Porte County Annual $2,500 (1 year)

“It’s Christmas” Concert

HFL awarded 36 grants totaling $3,318,798 in 2023 Grant Cycle 1. To learn more about HFL's grant cycles, eligibility requirements, timelines, and to access helpful grant application resources, visit

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