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HFL gives more than half a million in emergency grants for local community needs

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Healthcare Foundation of La Porte (HFL) has given more than half a million dollars in emergency grants to various local groups working to meet the needs of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, as of Monday, April 6, 2020.

The HFL COVID-19 Emergency Grants Plan was approved on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, by the HFL board of directors. “During this unprecedented crisis, our foundation should really focus on preventing loss of life and protecting the people that are protecting and caring for us. This is at the very heart of the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte’s mission statement,” HFL Board Chair Jeffrey Bernel said (quote source: What’s New LaPorte).

The Emergency Grants Plan has two phases, the first of which will address immediate needs and will run from today through May 30, 2020; the second phase will address long-term effects, including recovery-efforts funding. During Phase 1, organizations can request between $1,000 and $50,000 to help their efforts in the community. From March 26, 2020, to April 3, 2020, HFL has awarded a combined $555,390 to the following organizations thus far:

Category: Food needs for La Porte County residents with food insecurity = $78,400

  • Salvation Army of La Porte = $35,000 (La Porte)

    • Grant funds to be used to purchase food and supplies to continue and increase the distribution of meals each night.

  • Salvation Army of Michigan City = $20,000 (Michigan City)

    • Grants funds to be used to purchase food items, boxes/bags for pre-packing groceries, and personal care products (paper towels, soap, diapers, shampoo, and tissue) to be distributed to those in need through the food pantry.

  • South Central Weekend Food Program = $3,400 (South Central School area)

    • Funds to provide healthy food to low-income families in the South Central area, including dairy, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, meats, and eggs.

  • Sacred Heart Church Food Pantry = $5,000 (La Porte)

    • Funds to assist the purchase of necessary items for the food pantry.

  • Arise & shine Food Center = $10,000 (Michigan City)

    • Funds to be used to purchase food and supplies due to the increased number of families accessing the Food Center.

  • Lamb’s Chapel United Methodist-Good Shepard Food Pantry = $5,000 (New Prairie)

    • Funds to be used to purchase food to feed families experiencing loss of income

Category: The elderly and other high-risk populations = $95,000

  • Catholic Charities = $40,000

    • Funds to be used for rent, mortgage, and gas card assistance for low-income La Porte County residents.

  • North Central Community = $40,000

    • Funds to be used for low-income residents of La Porte County for assistance with rent and mortgage payments.

  • Housing Opportunities = $15,000

    • Funds to be used to assist low-income La Porte County residents with rent, transportation costs, and student educational needs.

Category: Healthcare & Emergency workers in need of protective gear & equipment = $345,320

  • All La Porte County firefighters (applied by La Crosse Volunteer Fire Department) = $24,620

    • Gear Decontamination kits for 16 volunteer fire departments in La Porte County, 4 fire departments in Michgan City and 3 fire departments in La Porte City.

  • La Porte Hospital = $163,700

    • Funds to be used to protect healthcare providers, staff, and patients at La Porte Hospital. Funding includes Intubation Boxes, Lucas Equipment (provides mechanical chest compressions for patients with sudden cardiac arrest), Canvas Duck Masks (to protect hospital support staff, and other healthcare providers – not intended for frontline providers), Glide Scope (video laryngoscopy for intubation) and Patient Bedside Monitors.

  • La Porte County Emergency Medical Services = $157,00

    • Funds to be used to purchase 11 Lucas Equipment, which provides mechanical chest compressions for patients with sudden cardiac arrest, for each of the EMS rigs.

Category: Other needs (related to COVID-19 crisis) = $25,000

  • City of La Porte = $20,000

    • Funds to assist hiring a Communication Director during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • La Porte County Small Animal Shelter = $5,000

    • Funds to assist with food needs & vet for abandoned pets and owners without funds to attend pets’ needs.

“During this time of uncertainty, the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte is providing funds for emergencies related to COVID-19, and a very comprehensive COVID-19 Resource Hub for our county. The latest information includes county food resources, not-for-profit and small business resources, government and hospital updates among other items. HFL is committed to protecting lives and assist our community during this pandemic. We invite community members, not-for-profits and businesses to visit us at,” said Maria Fruth, President and CEO of HFL.

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